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The EU President

Says Britain and other

states do not need

to exist


The President of the European Council has ­finally revealed his true colours. ‘The time of the homogeneous nation state is over,’ declared Herman Van Rompuy in Berlin yesterday.

According to Mr Van Rompuy, the idea that a country can survive alone is not merely an illusion: ‘It is a lie!’

He has clearly never heard of the ­Battle of Britain

My first reaction to this latest ­diktat was to laugh out loud. This ­blustering Belgian, the grandest ­panjandrum in Brussels, is straight out of Gilbert and Sullivan.

‘President’ Van Rompuy and his British colleague, the EU ‘High Representative’ Baroness Ashton, cut richly comic figures on the international stage.

It is tempting to dismiss their empire-building as an extravagant but otherwise harmless pastime. The trouble is that these Eurocrats not only waste tens of billions of pounds on their palatial offices and legions of flunkeys — they have real power, too.

The British public watched in dismay as, earlier this month, David Cameron was forced to back down from his promise to stop Brussels from increasing its already bloated budget.

The Prime Minister tried to present the deal he secured — reducing the 6 per cent increase Brussels demanded to 2.9 per cent.

But at a time when Britain is slashing its national budget by at least 25 per cent, even a 2.9 per cent increase in the profligate EU budget is indefensible.

Worse, Mr Cameron agreed to further treaty changes to ­placate the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, without securing any firm promise that there will be no new EU power grab

This Lisbon Treaty that formed most of the EU needs to be looked at and possibly revoked.  It contains many clauses that give power to the EU President, because if a crisi occurs they want a quick response, and the only way to do that is if the President can Act without asking for powers, because as you know, the President will always have the best interest of his people.  Notice, they are HIS people.  That should be enough to disband this whole mess.



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